Over the years you have probably heard the quote, “Play like a Champion.” I see the quote in weight rooms, entryways to football fields and sport gyms.

But do you understand the meaning the quote, how do you play like a champion if you have never won a medal? More importantly how can you act like a champion in every area of your life?

Being a champion is more than just winning a game or a series of games.

Being a champion is an attitude, which you believe and instill in every aspect of your life.

Being a champion is an act; a way of life, not a trophy or medal.

First 2 step to becoming a Champion:

The first step to being a champion is believing it is possible.

The second step to being a champion is telling yourself you are a champion.

It is not enough to tell your self, “I can become a champion.” This leads to the belief that you must “earn” something, be it a trophy, medal or victory.

You earn the title of Champion through your acts, how you treat yourself, the people around you and the things around you.

I encourage you to start each day by telling yourself who you are, by telling yourself you are a Champion. You will find power in the follow mantra:

“I am a Champion”

“I am a Champion”

“I am a Champion”

“I am a Champion”

“I am a Champion”

Repeat this every morning before you leave your house or apartment. You will notice a change in your attitude almost instantly.

First two step to becoming a Champion:

  1. Believe you are Champion
  1. Remind yourself, “I am a Champion.” Every. Day.

Now what does it mean to “Be a Champion?” I have come to understand there are multiple factors or beliefs to being a champion. Over the next eleven weeks we will be diving into the factors of being a champion so you to might understand the true meaning of your mantra, “I am a Champion.”

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