I am sure some of you might say, your parents or friends but you might be surprised by the actual answer.

The truth is… YOU!
You are the most influential person in your life.
How can this be?? Think about it, who talks to you the most?
You talk to yourself more than anyone else. Ever.
All day long you are interpreting, organizing, and analyzing what’s going on inside you and around you.
Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and your actions become your habits.
What are you telling yourself?
Do you have positive thoughts?
Are you encouraging?
There is an easy way to figure this out, how are you talking to others?
How you talk to yourself will directly mirror how you talk to others.
Remind yourself everyday who you want to become because that is who you are.
“I am a _____________.”
Change your thoughts, Change your words, Change your World.
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