When Integrity, Trust & Patience collide…

Self Discipline happens, which just-so-happens to be the 3rd key of Becoming A Champion.

What does Self Discipline mean to you?
Most of us probably have a similar definition of what self discipline means but if I were to describe self discipline in three words it would include:
Integrity, Trust and Patience.
To me, self discipline is all about doing what is right, trusting your choices and efforts will reward you with positive results and being patient enough to wait for your rewards.
What does that look like in strength and conditioning and athletics?
Integrity: You complete all training requirements; each lift, drill, set and rep as asked to the best of your ability.
A part of integrity is not skipping the exercises you may not enjoy or not increasing weight when asked to increase when you are able.
Trust: There is a commonly used phrase in athletics that indicates trust, “Buying In.” Often times when coaches, commentators or reporters talk about successful teams, players “buying in” and trusting the program is a major contributor to their success.
Have you bought in to your program? How would “buying in” affect your progress?
Patience: Patience is by far the most overlooked aspect of self discipline. At some point you will feel discouraged because of slow progress, lack of results or stalled results. You will need patience while you are training because your progress will slow eventually.
All things take time, especially growing stronger. Your muscles and nervous systems must build a foundation and integrity within its foundation. (If your progress has stalled it may be time to change up your training or de-load for a week or two.)
Self Discipline is taking control of your choices; you are in charge of your life. If you don’t take control of your choices, someone else will. This is an extremely important part of success in every area of life, especially health, fitness, strength and conditioning and athletics.

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