Wildcards, Habits & Charlie Day

Routine or habits. Some view routine as a positive while others cannot stand routine. Personally, I am a mix in between.

Last month I finished a year challenge of uploading one video a day to help improve my ability to speak, part of the reason I have not written in so long. But while I was going through the process of the challenge it was easy to see the importance of building daily habits.

After a few months; making the videos became second nature, I didn’t have to think about it I just did it.

However, now the challenge has been over for nearly two months and I thought I would enjoy not having to make videos (taking a break was nice) but I lost the habit, the routine. I have noticed this has also impacted other areas in my life, I feel lost with out the goal, the routine.

This morning I realized I have started other habits and routines unconsciously and I am noticing the benefits. In the past month I have got into a routine of lifting regularly and eating more efficiently.

With this realization I am continuing to learn the benefits of habits and routines. I encourage you to find an area of your life you want to improve, then find one little action you can do everyday to reach your goal.

It could be as simple as eating fresh veggies at one meal, going for a walk, shutting off your electronics to have some quiet time.

Without some routine or habits you become a wildcard. Your chance for reaching any goal in life becomes chance not choice. As a wildcard you are hoping for all the stars to line up and everything to work out without doing any work. There are enough wildcards in the world that can mess up your plans… As the gang in “Always in Sunny in Philadelphia” find out the hard way.


If you haven’t seen the show check out the clip here: Wildcards

These little daily actions are the key to success. Most people see successful people doing big things but the reality is they are only successful because of their daily habits behind the scenes.

Side Note: There must be a balance between routine and spontaneity because too much of a good thing is still too much.


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