Water Facts & My mistake

I was just scrolling through facebook feed (I know, I spend too much time on there).

But, as I was scrolling through all of the stuff that was showing up there was a headline that caught my eye.

“The Deadly Facts About Water”

My first reaction, “It finally happened, they found away to make people fear drinking water.”

I did not click on the link because I didn’t want to read about what they would say. Mainly because everything and anything can cause death, it is just a matter of how you use it.

I assumed it was another ploy to cause fear and anxiety. My reasoning for this assumption comes from our media and news. Nearly everything is focused on dangers of, well, everything it seems…

Each time there is a “scare” our media blows it out of proportion i.e. Mad cow, swine flu, ebola, small pox. Each had its day in the spot light but it went away about as fast as it started.

Exploding then vanishing.

I write this article in hopes you will realize some truths.

1. Most media scares are blown way out of proportion.

2. Propaganda is used like meat and potatoes in the past. The main dish.

3. Always do your research.

After deciding to write this article I chose to find the headline which had worked me up in the first place. It was then I realized the facts were more for fun than to scare people. They were all true as far as I could tell but they were more focused on common sense…

Here is it just to show you what I mean.


If you can’t read them here is the link: Deadly Facts about Water





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