Because it’s free…

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need it.

I just picked up my mail which included the weekly local ads. As I set the ads in the passenger seat I noticed the word, “Free” across the top. My first thought was, “that doesn’t make me want it or make it more useful.”

How often do you see the magical word, “free” and think, “ooh I need that”?

Unfortunately, I think this happens more than we care to admit. Our society has been focused on money since the beginning. Now, when we find something that is free we almost always take it.

But, just because it is free doesn’t mean you need it.

When you start collecting “free” stuff you start becoming a slave.  Most people don’t realize how much energy it takes when they start adding to their lives. Whether it is relationships with people or inanimate objects, once you take ownership or stock in something you start using your energies.

Once you start using your energy on less important things in life it affects important areas of your life.

I haven’t even mentioned food yet. This is one area which I struggle to manage. I’m the type of person who over-indulges when there is free food. To the point of being uncomfortably full. This has an immediate and long term negative effect on the body and the mind.

Choose to live life on purpose not impulse.

Before you grab the next “free” thing, take a moment to ask, “do I really need this in my life?”


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