Become a “natural” at anything


What does this word mean to you? What image comes to your mind when you imagine yourself as a champion?

This image will look different depending on what sport you are or were in (if any at all), your career and on how you feel about success.

No matter what you see when you close your eyes and visualize yourself as a champion you are probably thinking of something in the future or the past. Being a champion shouldn’t be a far off idea or feeling. You don’t become a champion by winning a game or tournament. Becoming a champion is done long before you earn any gold medal.

Watching an interview of Michael Strahan, he made the comment, “I don’t believe anyone is a nature at anything.” Going on he explained how he had to work day in and day out to become who he is today. Strahan wasn’t born a champion but also didn’t become a champion the day he helped win a Super Bowl.

So, how do you become a champion without winning a gold medal or trophy?

First we must talk about what a champion is… Most of you aren’t training to win a game or tournament. You are training to become a champion of your life. Training to become a better person, parent or spouse etc.

Whether you are in an organized sport or the sport of life the process of becoming a champion is the same.

Becoming a champion in the future is done by becoming a champion of today.

Champion Of Today:

There is a common theme in most post championship speeches relating to their effort. Champions comment on how they needed to “put it all on the line” and “gave a 100%” to win. You and I are not champions by nature. Being a champion is a learned way of life.

This means you must practice being a champion.

Becoming a champion of today means putting effort toward becoming better today. If you are in an organized sport you must practice your sport everyday with intention. If you are in the sport of life you must practice making better decisions, learning and challenging  yourself.

Little improvements each day creates champions. Furthermore, if you are improving each day you are a champion. Understanding the different levels of being a champion will help you continue to become a better champion.

Think back to when you started a new sport or hobby. How good were you? Chances are you needed to improve a lot.

Example: Imagine you are freshman in high school going out for a new sport. The likely hood of that you become a state champion your freshman year is slim to none. However, if you practice diligently and give 100% everyday, you will have a good shot at making it to state and becoming a champion.  However, if you don’t give 100% at each practice and game/tournament you will not improve.

If you have the mentality of: “If I can’t win the tournament there is no use trying.” Here are the problems with that mentality.

A. If you don’t think you can win, you wont.

B. If you don’t try, you wont.

C. If you’re not trying you’re not improving

To be a champion, you must act like a champion everyday. As I mentioned above, becoming a champion doesn’t happen when you receive a medal or trophy. Becoming a champion starts today and continues everyday from here on forward. As the old saying goes, “Champions are made not born.”

Medal or not, you cannot lose if you give 100% everyday.



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