Flash fades quickly

It starts with basics.

You have heard this a million times. When you were young each new sport, subject or other activity you were taught the basics.  As you practiced, learned and continued to grow the basics became second nature.

This is nothing new. But, how easily we forget.

For some, as you age, you forget about the basics you once learned, when starting new you might not remember the importance of the basics or you put your pride first because you feel you are experienced enough.

It is only a matter of time before it all backfires in your face. When this happens you will have to start over so why not start with the basics in the first place.

In a recent experience as a wrestling coach I have seen first hand the importance of knowing the basics. Our team is a young team in that there are a lot of freshman and most of the upperclassmen have only wrestled a few years. These young men have hearts with a desire to win in them but they don’t know the basics. Hearts with desire is great and can win some matches but without the basics winning will be a struggle.

The potential for these young men is sky high but only if we as coaches can teach them the basics.

Now, as I mentioned above there are few different reason people might forget the basics.

1. You may just forget because you get ahead of yourself. This has happened to me many times. I get eager for what I could be or could do but in my eagerness I forget to use my basic knowledge of the sport or subject. This usually causes a set back in the long. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put the cart in front of the horse.”

2. Newness means you just don’t know. When starting something new you most likely won’t know the basics. Seeking assistance will be necessary in finding the basics of your new adventure. Only then will you be able to start with the basics.

3. Pride. This relates number one because in a lot of cases as you become more confident you may feel there isn’t a need for you to follow the basics. When you become good at something you might overlook the basics. Or you may try something new using your old ways which may or may not work.

No matter the case, the basics are essential.

When it comes to being successful the basics are normally seen as boring and not fancy. This is especially true in sports and fitness. Fancy plays or moves only get you so far. Trendy exercise programs never last.

Basic moves, plays and workouts will create success when done with the right intensity and planning.




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