Not Good Enough

When is “good” good enough?

Quick answer: Never.

I recently started a youtube series titled, “Wallflower Diaries.” In the series I discuss certain situations or events which I observe while embracing my personality as an introvert.

In today’s video I discussed the topic of “effort” in relation to one’s abilities. I chose this topic after overhearing some coaches discuss their teams effort in practice.

The team discussed has been told over the years how good they are as players. This has apparently stuck with them, a little too well. They seem to think they are “good enough,” not needing to put much effort in to their practices.

So, this begs the question, “When is “good” good enough?”

Long answer: There is always room to improve in every area and aspect of your life. If you are an athlete you can improve your strength, technique, mental readiness, etc. As a businessman (woman) you can improve your skills within your job, hobbies, relationships, etc.

There is no such thing as “good enough.” Think of it this way.

There was a young man who was always looking to help others. Keeping an open eye for good deeds to be done. Maybe, trying to earn his way into heaven (even though it’s impossible to “earn” this gift). Maybe, trying to set an example for others. And maybe, he was trying to show the world how good he was to fuel his ego.

In each situation there will never be “enough.”

If trying to earn your way into heaven how would he know how much good is good enough? When setting an example there is always someone watching the little things he does. When is the example set? How far must he go when someone is always watching? If feeding his ego is the goal then he will always need to do more to get his ego fix.

Good, is never good enough. This is an old poem I heard when I was younger, which has stuck with me over the years.

“Good, Better, Best

Never, Never, Rest

Until Your Good is Better

And Your Better is Best”


Never settle for good. It’s not enough. 



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