Know Thy Self

The other day I was offered the opportunity to take a personality test. I’m a firm a believer of studying myself to find my strengths and weaknesses, so I took the test.

It was a 12 minutes or less test, which was pretty simple to figure. At the end of the test I was given an overview and description of my personality in certain areas (relationships, work, etc.) The website is, they are not paying me to promote them… Too bad.

My results came back positive… 😉  Kidding! (Well, sort of…)

But really my results showed I was an introvert, intuitive, feeling, prospecting and assertive. Also defined as INFP.

For some of you this means nothing. Some will probably know “introvert,” “intuitive” and “assertive.”

Brief Descriptions:

Introvert: prefers solitary activities

Intuitive: imaginative, focus on what might happen

Feeling: Sensitive, follows their heart

Prospecting: Relaxed about work, good at improvising, keep options open

Assertive: Emotionally stable, relaxed, refuse to worry too much

Why am I telling you this? It’s important that’s why! Well, it’s not important that you know my personality. But, it is important that you know your own personality!

Whether you are aware of your own tendencies or not it is always good to be reminded of your personality. After taking this test it was almost creepy how “spot on” it described me. Some of the information I was aware of while other information was new and eye-opening.

When you are able to understand some of your quirks and reasons why you enjoy certain situations more than others you will be able to get a better picture of who you really are on the inside. Know some little details of the personality test will help you focus on the more important areas of your life. Helping you enjoy life more by being able to say, “no” to certain events or situations.

Know thy self and life gets a little better!


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