Struggles Happen… 3 tips to persevere

What goes up must come down… But it will come back up again.

Last week I was struggling with some personal goals, I am sure you can relate.

When we begin a journey toward changing and doing better within ourselves and our world there is always a good start out of the blocks. We feel good, inspired and ready to take on the world! Then, at some point we start losing steam, the journey gets more challenging. This is where we learn if we will become successful or give up on another goal.

The journey will always become challenging because these journeys are meant to help up learn and grow, without struggle there is no growth.

As I continue on my journey I would like to share with you a few tips to assist you on yours…

1. Look in the other direction: When creating change and improvement we tend to look at the end goal and judge our daily progress by how far we are from it. Think of it in running terms. When you go for a run you are always looking forward to the end. How often do you find yourself thinking, “I haven’t gotten any closer to the end..” If you don’t like to run as much as I do then you can relate. Try this on for size, next time you go running, run backwards.

Once I went for a run, which I was running to a certain point then returning. When I was nearing the turn around point I decided to run the second half backwards. (“If you can do it forwards you can do it backwards” is a philosophy of mine.) After running backwards for a little while I was amazed at how far I had gone without thinking about how for I had left. That run totaled just under six miles… P.S. Be careful if you try this.

2. Expecting Perfection: (Closely relating to #1) Most of the time our goal is to do something so well we are practically perfect. So when we mess up we only look at the mistake. In reality we need to focus on our improvements or the positive. I found myself doing this last week, I wasn’t perfectly executing my goals so I felt discouraged. This lead to turmoil and me trying to fix everything. When really I just needed to realize, “I am not perfect but I am getting closer.”

3. Patience: It takes time to achieve your goals, especially when they affect all areas of your life. When it comes to making better choices we have to break through our old habits. Keep your goal in mind so it will eventually become second nature.

When striving to become better in the areas of life you want to improve you need to take note of how far you have come, know mistakes will happen and have patience. All good things take time. 😉


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