Are you a lover of worry?

How many calories have you eaten today? Too many? Not enough? How many should you eat?

As a fitness professional I hear more than enough calorie talk to go around. Well recently I have read some different things and made some realizations that focus around the calorie topic but can also be applied to all aspects of life. And this my first response to you.

Chill out!! As the old saying goes, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Our society have become lovers of worry (not just with calories) and we all should relax. Maybe legalizing pot would do this country wonders. Kidding!

As worriers we have forgotten how to enjoy things. Simple things, like food. Now I’m not suggesting we go out and eat a gallon of ice cream every day but you can eat what you like and still live healthy.

Stop worrying about about everything and start becoming aware.

What is the difference? Consider the following…

Think about an area of life, which causes you to worry on a regular basis. Money, health, relationships or maybe it’s the past? What feelings do you associate with that area of your life? Are they negative or positive?

Worrying creates a negative outlook on that area of our life. Our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are interconnected. This suggest our negative thoughts from worrying carry implications on how we feel and how we react to situations. How would you rate your self-esteem when you are worrying? How do you make decisions when you are worrying? The negativity from worrying not only creates negative minds, it creates negative worlds around us.

On the other hand…

Think of situation when you were aware of the possibilities of both a negative or positive outcome. How did you react? What was your thought process? My guess is you felt in control of your fate. For example: You know working out will help you wake up and feel refreshed for your day. And you also know sleeping in an extra hour might feel good even though you will feel drowsy for the day. You have two options, which you know both outcomes. In that moment it doesn’t matter what option you choose, you are aware and you feel in control of your fate.

Awareness creates a positive outlook. If  you are aware you have come to an understanding that some stuff may affect you in a negative way. But your awareness allows you to be enlightened so you can monitor the amount of negativity in your life. If you want to bring something negative in your life or into your body you understand the consequences. That is awareness.

When you are aware of outcomes you will make better decisions, be more relaxed, happier and feel in control of you fate.


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