Intentions are…

“I intended to….”

“I never intended or meant to…”

These are the famous last words of anyone who has made mistake, didn’t follow through and ultimately of anyone who has lost sight of their vision. We all start out will good intentions but we tend to get sidetracked for one reason or another. Well, guess what.

Your intentions don’t mean anything.

So many of us have intentions of changing our habits, being faithful or becoming better people. But most of us fall short, which leads to “I intended or didn’t intend…” Very rarely (if ever) will anyone be able to say, “I have always did what I intended.” My guess, if anyone can say that, then they have never set a goal. Let’s be honest, goals are nothing more than intentions.

My goal is to lose weight aka I intend to lose weight. Or how about making a promise, “promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.” aka I intend to be faithful, love you and stay with you forever. Know I could go into the relationship but I will stick to the lighter of the two topics. Health goals or living better goals as I would like to call it.

Your intentions don’t mean anything.

What you do is what really matters. We all want so many things in life we forget most of it. But then we decide to go after something so we make it our goal. It gives us a target to focus on and a direction to move. However, a goal does not get us moving.

Action is was gets us moving and repeated action gets us to our goal. For action to happen we must have a plan. Isn’t this the reason why most intentions fail, no plan? Maybe another reason why most of our intentions and goals fail is because of too much extra action. Today’s world is nothing more than running from one place to the next with no time to think and evaluate if your actions are lined up with your goals. Say, “No” to action and opportunities that steer you away from your goal.

What is your intention or goal for yourself, your family and your life?

What actions can you do to move you in the direction of your goals? Today? Tomorrow? Next Week?

Create a plan of action that moves you in the directions of your goals. Start implementing those actions TODAY! Success is achieved through repeated action. Failure is achieved through repeated non-action. Your goals are nothing more than intentions.

Your intentions mean nothing if there is no action.


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