Creating A Career You Want

How often do you sit at work searching for another job?

Stop right now! Start doing your job because it may actually help you get a better job.

Hours. I spent hours looking for others job while I was at my last job. I was working at corporate gym getting paid $9/hr to walk around and watch people workout. Not even training them rather cleaning up after them.

So, not only was not getting paid what I was worth as a college graduate with managerial experience. I was also not given responsibilities or duties which reflected my skills and abilities. This lead to 2 things, I wanted to start my own fitness business and or I wanted a new job. I literally spent hours looking for new jobs and it got to the point where I wasn’t even looking for jobs I wanted. As I scrolled the internet I would look at jobs that I “could”  do instead of jobs I wanted to do.

In that time of looking for jobs I started creating my own fitness business. I got it started alright but then I seemed to keep hitting walls. For a while I couldn’t quite figure it out until one day it hit me.

As I was applying for random jobs I allowed my focused to be pulled away from the job I wanted, my own business. I took a step back and thought, “I am going nowhere fast because I am not focused on my main goal.” In my reflection I remembered I didn’t want bosses or supervisors, which helped me to realize applying for others jobs was a dead end. I started focusing on my crappy job and my future business. Now, I am in my fourth month of running my own business and two months free from the corporate job.

Would you like to find a job you want to do? Or create your own job? It’s possible! You can have the career you want if you start applying these four steps.

Step One: Start doing your job! Sure, you may hate it and want a new one. But let’s be honest; who is going to hire you? If you aren’t productive and show you care in your current job, would you hire you? You are more likely to get promoted or get a positive reference from your current job if you actually do your job now.

Step Two: Decide what you WANT to do! When you do start looking for another job (on your own time). Make it simple. Only look for positions within your desired career. Whether it is the exact position you want or one that leads up to it. Focus your search because anything else is just a distraction.

Step Three: Build your resume! Take on bigger responsibilities at your job to show you want to grow. Or find opportunities to relate to your future job. There are plenty of places to volunteer, join local groups or online groups that will relate and give you more experience in your field of choice. (Not as necessary if you are creating your own job, see step 4)

Step Four: Network! Find people who can help you get started. Find potential future customers and connect with them. See how you can help them. Be willing to help people for free. People want to buy services from people who actually care about them. (This is a useful tip for everyone!)

These are four steps to help you get out of you current crappy job and or create your own job.

Start creating the career you want by focusing your attention on your work now!


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