Ferris wheels are exciting, said no one.

A life with no regrets is a life of peace and happiness.

Do you wish you could go back in life and re-do a situation or event? If you answered, “Yes” you are living with a regret.

The definition of Regret is to feel sad, repentant or disappointed. To live a life without sadness or disappointed is not living at all. You will experience loss and will make mistakes if you are truly living. I define “living” as growing and learning aka becoming mature and wise.

How then, do we live without regrets?

Let me ask you this question, “do you learn from your past experiences?“ If you answered, “Yes” to this question, you are most liking living without regrets.

To live without regrets means you are learning from your mistakes and losses.

Whether it is taking a chance on yourself, a friend or a stranger you will experience disappointment in life and you will experience sadness. These are inevitable feelings as humans.

Tips for “living with no regrets.”

  1. As mentioned above, if you are human you will experience sadness and disappointment in your life. Even if you sit on your couch and never make one decision in your life. Life happens whether we participate or not.
  1. You might as well participate! To live without regrets you must live. This means taking chances, making mistakes and failing. Failures allow growth and learning. If you are learning from your experiences you have nothing to regret because you have become a better person.
  1. Your life can be a Ferris wheel or a rollercoaster. Both rides will have their ups and downs. The difference is the direction over time. Ferris wheels keep circling back around, you will be repeating the same problems your whole life because you aren’t learning. Roller coasters may circle back once in awhile but are moving toward a different destination. This creates continued excitement in your life. You will be jutting left and twisting right with only the destination in mind.

Learning and growing from your mistakes allows you to live without regret, create peace and happiness in your life.


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