Finding your purpose: What Siri won’t tell you.

Me (to Siri): What is my purpose in life?

Siri: Interesting question

Have you ever asked Siri this question? I did, she didn’t give me the answer I was hoping for. How many times have you thought, “what am I doing here?” I know I have thought of this more times than I care to admit. Too often we find ourselves lost, looking for direction in life and with all the technology in the world we still have not found an app for figuring out our purpose.

As high school students, we are supposed to figure out what we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives. My question is, “how long do I have to live?” Because if I knew that I would make some drastically different decisions right now. However, we do not get the privilege of knowing that information so we must decide what to do for the rest of our lives whether it be 1, 10, or 80 years.

Deciding the rest of our life is no small task. When I was deciding what I thought was the rest of my life I was blessed because I knew I wanted to help people. I narrowed it down to 2 options, psychology or fitness. I ultimately chose fitness because I like the feeling a workout gives me, it has worked out for a while but I started getting drained training so I started looking for different things to do. I thought about the military, but ended up doing landscaping. I got back into the fitness field as a General Manager and trainer, then started thinking about and attempted to join the military (with no luck). Ultimately lost my job because of it. I ended up going into janitor services, retail, back into fitness because I started my fitness classes. I am also currently becoming more involved in a psychology related area as a Development Coach.

Oh, did I mention that all took place from August 2013 to present day (September, 14 2014).

I hope you weren’t planning on using your degree for anything… I am only kidding, there is small percent of you who will find a job relating to the degree you received and keep stay in that field. But I digress.

How do you find a direction and your purpose, which you might be able to utilize? The secret is simple; stop focusing on yourself.

It is not about you!

Wait, what? It is my life, my career, how is it not about me? And to that I ask you this, “how many of you chose to be here today?”

Clearly, you chose to read this article. What I mean is, “how many of you chose to be on the earth, alive and at this exact point in your life today?” As I would suspect, not a single one of you or me chose all the variables, which got us here today. Sure you chose your clothes (hopefully you chose your own clothes). There are plenty of details in your life that you get to choose but your DNA, when and how you were born and how long you will live is not some of those details.

This being the case, why should we think this life is about us?

Is this all just a big coincidence? It is not.

We are put on this earth for specific reasons which some of us may never know because we will be too scared to ask “why?” I can look back on a few moments in my life where I know God put in that exact situation for a purpose.

July 4th 2007 was one of those times. I grew up on a farm about 5 miles from town; it was 3 miles of winding highway followed by a couple miles of gravel roads. The drive is scattered with houses and farms every mile or so. I was driving into town to meet up with some friends, I had just gotten on the highway about to go around the first curve when I noticed a little girl wondering onto the road. The girl might have been 2 years old, that is being generous I think. I believe God put me in that exact point to protect her because who knows what could have happened or what would have happened if I weren’t paying attention. Looking back now I can see others times (good and bad) which God used certain situations for his benefit. Whether it was protecting someone else or teaching me a better to live through my faults.

I’m sure if you really thought about it you can look back on your life, you would find a time(s) in your life where your presence or actions changed someone’s life in a way only God could have plan.

Now think about your future, “What is your purpose?” Is your purpose yours to choose? We all serve a much greater purpose than to fulfill our own desires and wants. God has a plan for you; you were created in such a way that will help serve your purpose.

When it comes to figuring out God’s purpose for you the first step is to ask him. If that isn’t your thing then start by looking at your past. What have you learned from your experiences and how can you use your experiences to do God’s will, which is to love all people (God included) as you love yourself. Also, identify the gifts and abilities you were given. How has God designed you for his specific purpose?

How can you take your experiences, knowledge and abilities to help others? Your life isn’t about you; it is about how you can positively impact the lives of those around you.


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