Aiming for perfection

Lead by example, this is the theme for any and all role models. But we must decide who our example will be. Does it make sense to follow the example of someone who has made mistakes? Does it make sense to aim at being anything less than perfect? Whether it is with your family, your job or your community.

After sending out a survey asking men 7 different questions regarding goals, advice, challenges and role models, I have had some interesting feedback. My main focus was on the topic of role models. The survey asked, “How would you describe what a good role model looks like in your eyes.” There were several different responses but there was one common theme within those response, lead by example.

The majority of the men who answered this question listed values, which they believed a role model should possess. These included; honesty, hard working, humble, compassionate, accountable, lives by a code, caring and helps others feel worthy of all the traits listed. This list is without a doubt an excellent list of qualities for anyone to possess, especially someone who our kids can look up to and mimic.

My question is, who has all of those qualities? I have met men who have some of these traits, a lot of them but no one who has them all. Who then can we follow as an example?

Sure it would be easy to follow the examples of the men who have some of these traits but shouldn’t we want more? If we set our sights on examples of men who are less than perfect, what are we really aiming for?

We (the future generations) should be aiming for perfection!

With the knowledge of knowing we are sinners and will not hit the target of perfection, we should know that we could come close if we are aiming at the right target. To even fathom the idea of being perfect or even better than the examples that came before us we need to focus on perfection. The perfect example for us to focus our lives on is Jesus! He is the only one who has been perfect and free from sin while on this earth. We must aim are sights and goals to him because aiming anywhere else is a guaranteed miss for something better.

Whether it is leading in your family, in your career or in your community. Jesus showed us how to live, how to manage money, sex and power (the three main areas which cause most people trouble in life). If He managed to live a perfect life while dealing with all of the same temptations in life, don’t you think we should be trying to follow his lead?

Sure we aren’t perfect, we will make mistakes on our journey but with faith and the help of Jesus we can make a lot better choices. You are probably thinking, “If I can’t be perfect what is the point in trying?” Think of it like this; when you were in sports, did you give your best attempt to be perfect? If you did the coach surely noticed when you made a mistake. What happened when you made the mistake? Did you stop trying or did you give a little more focus to that area? I believe God sees your effort to become better in His eyes. And God allows you to keep playing in the game of life when you make a mistake. Your effort will allow you to continue to improve, you may not be perfect but you will become better if you set your sights toward perfection.

Who will your example be? Take some time to think about your current life, consider how it could be improved. Would having a better role model and example of how to manage your finances, lead your family and your spiritual life make your life better?

2 “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2


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