The 6:8

Post from my first blog which states my purpose in life.

“I believe I was put on this earth to clean it up. Not by killing people rather by killing the past way of life for many who follow. Eliminating fear, selfishness and greed is what has to be removed from the this earth. Through teaching and encouraging the truth; I believe I can help make this world a better place starting with one community and letting it spread by thoughts, words and action of those who believe in living for the person next to them.”

In less words, “Create more of our future and less of our past.” I believe we can create a better world by becoming better individuals. This is will not be an over night change but rather a generational change but it starts with myself, leading the way. Those who believe and want to be better for others will follow. I will not be forcing anyone to be someone they don’t want to be.

Lessons Learned

There are somethings in life you cannot explain. Whether it is something as small as not getting football number you wanted  because it was taken or something big as death to someone near to you. Many times these seem like random events throughout our lives. However, sometimes there are events and situations in life that seem to have a connection and an underlying meaning… this is my story.

First, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and our Lord. I am a sinner and a broken soul but I also believe I was put on the earth for a reason.

My freshman year of high school was started with a broken fibula and missing the opportunity to participate in football camp and hell week. I was going to play once my leg healed so I was there just not able to do anything. After the camp we were issued our…

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