Echoes in Eternity

This past week was the anniversary of the unforgettable tragedy of 9/11. As I am sure you noticed the social media was overtaken with tweets, post etc. of people commenting how they would never forget that day. It was great to see so many people paying respect to those who lost their lives. The tragedy of 9/11 is and will always be an important part of our history, which, we should never forget. After seeing the social media coverage of 9/11 I got to thinking about what it is people actually remember and what have we learned or taken away from it?

With any tragedy and large-scale event, which impacts us, there can be many emotions involved. There is an obvious grieving process for all of us in any tragedy whether it is 9/11 or an accident close to home. We are all affected by these tragedies in one way or another and what we learn from each event varies greatly. Back to my original questions, “what is it that you remember?” and “what have you learned or taken away from it?” I wonder about the first question because we all have different viewpoints of each tragedy because we are all affected by different people in different ways. The second question I ask because I am curious if we just remember what happened, what we learned or both.

It is my belief and fear that we only remember what happened. While it is good to remember what actually happened, I fell it is equally or even more important to remember what we learned. Tragedies have a way of reminding us of what is truly important in life such as our family, loved ones and our trust in God.

As we consider all the tragedies we have experienced in our life, most of them also remind us that we do not understand life and we will surely die. You may think I am being harsh by openly admitting we will surely die but it’s a fact.

You will die; I will die because life on earth is not meant to be eternal. Which brings me back to what we learn from tragedies, we will surely die. And allows me to question, are you prepared to die?

Are you prepared to die?

I am not talking about being prepared in this life but rather for the next life. Are you living your life in a way that is acceptable to God? In other words, are you living a life as Christ Jesus lived?

Before you check out because you think I am getting “preachy” because I am. I would just ask you to consider what you believe will happen when you die. Now think about the life you have lived up to this point.

I will allow you to stop reading now if you have reached your preaching limit for today. I will leave you with one last quote if you want to stop reading, otherwise I will continue below.

“What we do in life; echoes in eternity”

Is the life you have been living good enough for your liking? Or rather is it good enough for God? You may thinking, “well I have sinned more than I can remember so what is the point to change now?” I say this to you; you are not alone in your thinking. And God has answered that question by giving you His Son who took away your sins. You do not have to be perfect from this point forward because you are not Jesus. We are not asked to be perfect only to live “like” Jesus. I believe God is like many good sports coaches who can see effort and hustle in their players. All you need to do is start giving a true effort toward living a better life. I encourage you to start living a better life, as Jesus showed us. I will leave you with the follow questions, which I asked above but I feel they are worth asking again.

Is the life you have been living good enough for your liking?

Is the life you have been living good enough for God?


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