Day 138 – If You’re Gonna Be Lonely, Don’t Be Stupid, Too

First edition of guest blogs comes from Charlotte Cuevas. I think you will enjoy this one! Check out her blog, The 365 Poetry Project.

Little Pieces

If you’re gonna be lonely, don’t be stupid, too.
Don’t be selfish and mope.

If you have to be alone or you want to be alone,
don’t waste it on being depressed.

Don’t sit in your filth
and scowl as hours dance
and wait for somebody to be sorry.

Don’t throw up your hands
and shake your head as others try,
as if you’re so wise not to bother.

Don’t open your mouth to sing
unless you got some words of hope
because nobody wants to hear you.

When you’re lonely, raise hell
beat the drums, rejoice
that you got so much livin’ to do
and then do it.

When you hit the bottom,
grab a shovel,
find some oil since
you’re down there anyway.

‘Cause you’re right-
there’s not too much love out there-
but if there were
there’d be no reason to search.

And as long as you’re…

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