You will make mistakes

When it comes to improving and making changes in your life at some point you will be faced with reality. Whether we like the truth of reality or not it will be waiting for us. There is a truth to the saying, “we create our own reality.” However there is only some truth to that saying, in that, what we accept is our reality. But this doesn’t make what we don’t accept disappear if it is our actual reality.

Acceptance is a key factor in our success to living a better life. There will be a plethora of ideas, beliefs and truths we will need to accept in life. I discuss one of the most important truths in this article.

You will make mistakes and fail:

As we travel on our journey of life there will be times when you will make a mistake. This can be a hard truth for a lot of people but it is the truth.

I’m guessing if you are old enough to read this you can agree that you have made a mistake at some point in your life. I can openly admit to making one, okay, one thousand is getting closer to an accurate number. We make mistakes, it is our human nature, and it is even in the nature of animals to make mistakes. The question is, can you accept this fact?

I believe that there are significant amounts of people in our world today who cannot accept this fact. Or perhaps they have accepted it and have let this fact control their life. Have you ever feared making a decision(s)? Maybe you currently fear making decision. Why? Where does your fear come from? Chances are the fear you experience comes from a time in your life when you made a decision and it didn’t turn out how you planned. You may have been physically or emotionally hurt. You may have been scolded or punished for a choice you made that didn’t fit someone else’s agenda. And you may have made a decision that resulted in hurting someone you loved. These are all legitimate reason why people may fear making decisions. However, they should not hold us back because decisions are needed in life. It is through the process of deciding and making mistakes that teaches us how to improve. Without the ability to make a decision we cannot grow to improve and get better.

Now, you maybe thinking, “yeah but it hurts to be wrong.” And I agree with you; it sucks being wrong. It also sucks being stuck in your dead-end job. It sucks being rejected by someone you are interested in. It sucks being honest and doing what is right.

But, you know what suck even more? Knowing you are not going to be happy because you are too afraid to try. Pain and “the suck” is a part of life whether you make decisions or not. You may want to consider the pain of making the decision to find a better job, ask that person out and tell the truth because you can at the very least learn from it. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, in fact, it is necessary. We learn best through pain and failure.

I learned this at a young age while playing sports. I was average at the beginning of my sports career which ended after three years of college football. There are numerous goals which I had and failed to achieve throughout my high school sports career. With each mistake and failure I was left with two options, give up or try again. Through continuing to achieve those goals I learned about hard work, discipline and dedication. All worth more than any first place medal.

Accepting our mistakes and failures is a crucial part of our ability to live and to live happily. Once we have accepted the truth about our imperfection and in-ability to make the right choices we can free ourselves from the worry of making the wrong decision. Through acceptance we can give ourselves permission to try again and alleviate some of your fears.


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